Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

Excellent Game

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The RPG elements are a perfect fit for this type of game, and you level up at just the right pace. A minor quip, the MP bar seems kind of useless; alternating between Smite and Fireball, I hardly even saw my MP decrease. Or maybe you intended it to be like that. Whatever the case, great game! 5/5

rachid1984 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The smite/fireball/icebolt were intended to be nearly free, while the other spells were designed more to be mana sinks.

epic game

Love it nice upgrades

Great but

Need a reset point bottom

Great game!

I really like how you are reading and responding to feedback. I would also like to see a version or mode with no level cap just to get that feeling of all powerful.

Really nice!

Awesome game, was very fun to try all the different talent trees. Though it feelt a bit like the divine one was lacking something, the single target spell was bad compared to the fireball and icebolt because of the lack of aoe damage. The aoe spell wasnt too good either, was awesome against monsters that were infront of you. But was rubbish the rest of the time, because you cant attack any monsters on the sides, or behind you.

Found a rather fun spec after a while though! Gonna see how it works in survival mode, will paste it here incase anyone else wanna try.

Advanced Fireball - 3/3
Ring of Fire - 1/1
Hot Air - 4/4
Double Fireball - 1/1
Rapid Fire - 2/4
Armageddon - 1/1
Tripple Fireball - 1/1
Pyromancy - 3/3

Holy Grace - 3/3
Swift Retribution - 2/2
Miracle Healing - 3/3
Holy Wrath - 2/2
Chosen One - 2/2

+21% Health & Mana
+50% Mana Regen
-30% Mana cost on fire spells
+44% Run speed
+30% Fireball damage
+54% Damage to all spells
+40% Critical strike
+22% Fire cast rate
+60% Healing and -30% MP cost on Miracle Healing