Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

One word: Awesome.

I might just be bias because I like games that have talent trees incorporated into them... mostly because I'm a WoW fan. The fact that each tree has its own play style is a plus, not just the same style with different abilities.

Fire does seem to be the most powerful in full-on area destruction, however I believe Ring of Fire could do better as a RING similar to Freezing Nova, but possibly have better range and/or damage due to its lack of freezing.

Ice is lovely with its serious rapid fire Icebolt, I liked to charge something spamming that and 10 of them hitting within the same second. My only beef with it is Freezing Nova, it just seems rather useless because of its small range and only 30-40 damage even with the upgrade.

Divine was great against the final boss as it just seems to be more effective as a single target tree. The mechanics of Judgement were perfect and it is really unique compared to the other tree's 'immediate area' spells. Both Judgement and Spark of Life just make this tree a good starter for beginners and a great tree for pro's.

5/5 - 10/10, I love this game and a new fav of mine. I do encourage you do make a second with possibly more diverse trees and maybe more bosses. Possibly more epic than a very angry bat barfing on you.

An interesting blend

gameplay: 8/10
talent trees: 10/10
replay value: 10/10
addiction: 10/10
my usual niceness:12/10

average rating: 10/10

My suggestion for players new to this game is not to fill one talent tree with all the points, but to maximize the benefits of each tree, i.e. spell damage, mp cost/regen, spell recast, etc.

Pretty nice.

I like how you spliced the idea of a standard shooter with the talent point system for upgrades. It really reminds me of the system used in MMOs like WoW, so that part of it was easy to figure out, and actually refreshing to see in a shooter. Also, as much as everyone's griping about the level cap, I think it's actually perfect as-is, since it forces the player to choose a strategy for building their passive talents. I'm also pleased with how each elemental tree focuses on a different sort of play style. However, I do think there's some balance issues due to the way some spells work.

Fire appears to be the strongest tree, and yet neither spell in that tree is really worth taking. It's all about having the biggest, baddest fireball imaginable. I found myself sticking to the default spell arrangement and leveling Divine with it to get the highest possible spell damage, although one could probably try going Ice to gain additional damage from Frostbite and faster casts through Master of Cold.

Ice, while not as good as Fire, seems to be pretty solid as well. It appears to be the "rapid fire" set, increasing the player's DPS not through added damage, but increasing the rate at which damage is caused. Icebolt works very well as the spam spell, since it makes up for the loss in spread by including a slowing effect and monstrously fast recast time. I popped Swift Retribution onto my Ice build to further enhance his Icebolt recast, as well as Hot Air for the move speed, so I'm pretty sure he's the fastest caster and best at avoiding attacks as well. Judgment probably would be great fro this build too.

Divine, IMO, is the weakest of the trees. Its spam spell, Smite, doesn't have any splash like Fireball and Icebolt do, so you pretty much have to have one or the other casting simultaneously. The fact that enhancing Divine's damage by improving crit rates to astronomical levels doesn't sit well with me; it feels less like you're increasing your chances to do double damage with your spells and more like you're reducing your chances of doing half damage with them. Also, even talented, Judgment doesn't cast fast enough and costs too much to be an effective spam, and Spark of Life also is too costly to be of much use. I'm probably playing it wrong, as I tend to take a more aggressive approach to weapons choice when playing shooters, so Divine may be much more effective in the hands of someone used to playing defensively, but for me, it was the weakest.

While there are definite issues with balance between the trees, I have to say this is a great game with an awesome concept. I'd love to see it developed further in the future. For example, perhaps add on other types of mages that have unique trees, like Shadow or Lightning to replace other trees in the Wizard class's set of Fire/Ice/Divine).

Pretty good


Reset skills button, do it

but over all a pretty damn good game


At first, I didn't know how the upgrade system worked. I thought I was upgrading to new spells, when I was just adding the passive effects. But after I understood how it worked, I started to enjoy it a bit more.

I understand what you were trying to do with the level cap, but I think it's too low. Hopefully you add a 'cap-less' mode soon, because I'd like to try out everything in the game without having to play it over and over just to level certain skills.

It may be just my internet settings, but my save slots delete themselves after I refresh the game.