Reviews for "Wizard's Run"


A very well made game but it can be improved.
My suggestion is that you either increase the number of skill points per or increase the max level that the player will have a easier time maxing out there character.
Add levels and bosses as well to improve the gaming experience.
Overall, good job!


I respect the design decision to limit character growth. My only "gripe" at that point is that outside of a competition for the Highest Score, there's little reason to play after you beat the game at that point. By getting people used to gaining experience for killing enemies, and then dropping a "Relatively" low cap on it, you neuter replayability once someone's gone through the three major builds. (Which isn't a bad thing. I'm just noting it.)

That said, the game is very enjoyable while it lasts. Suggestions/Ideas in no particular order:

1) The ability to change your skill points around after you've beaten the game.
2) Tweaking the Divine Tree so that mastering it makes healing frequently more reasonable, as mastering this tree really limits your AOE capabilities.
3) Possibly a Kill % as well as a "Score" for Survival Mode (Or just Enemies let past Count).
4) Visual Changes for your Character as his rank changes.
5) Combo Ranks?
6) Don't spend too much time tweaking this game when you've got other ideas you can be fulfilling. :P

Again, I enjoyed it, and hope to see more from you in future. ^.^

Almost a 10...

You don't a get a 10 because of the level cap and the god damn difficulty, as said before : It's quite easy, then is IMPOSSIBLE, then easy...

Yeah :/

Great Game

Only thing that can be seen as a bad thing is the power of the divine branch. Ice and fire are overpowered basically once you get everything, the enemy doesnt even have a chance to get down halfway. Whereas with full divine you have to watch your mana and face many close calls and healing takes to much mana so your forced to just use judgement and smite all the way. Like I said maybe it was suppose to be the "Hard Mode" but compared to the other two over powered classes it just kinda made it seem less fulfilling to me to play as divine. Enjoyed it a lot though as you can tell beat it as all three great game

I liked it =)

At first I thought "meh, another shooter". But a careful looking at the evolving system showed me how the ideal can look too simple but be actually so great.

By the way, all the comments are coming from WoW fans, this one is from a Ragnarok Online fan xD. I guess all MMORPG fans will like wour game.

Max rating for this.