Reviews for "Wizard's Run"


very good & fun game to play.. grate game over all

very nice! i like

pretty fun game...
really nice trio of magic skill trees, reminds me of the diablo series.
i don't mind the capped level cause you beat the game by that time.
the only thing it could benefit from more bosses and more levels before the survival mode.
great job!

Cool Game!

I highly enjoyed this game. The magic was all really cool and the upgrades all worked nicely! The level cap actually did add to the replay value, but I also kind of wish you could just keep going.

If you make a sequel I'd really love to see some more variation in the baddies and maybe a harder final boss as well as maybe some different character classes.

Ah, man...

It had a perfect 10 until the max level reached part. That sucks. It was a lot of fun though. But anytime I can go on unlimited (survival mode) I should be able to max my character out with every possible spell to see how far I can make it. Or at least reassign my skills to try out new skill combos. Sorry, I was just uber disappointed when I found out there was a level cap.

Very nice.

This game is very addicting. Just wish it was easier to build your stats as well as not having a limit on how they can be built.