Reviews for "Wizard's Run"


I like it


ah this game was superb I ran through in Divinity and found it rather enjoyable.

Not to hard not to easy just right. good work. ^.^

Really Good

An Awesome game, I got so into it that I maxxed out a Wizard of each element.. so far Ice is my favorite, while Divine is my least.

I guess the only problem is that its somewhat short, and theres no way to reset your talents (but then again if there was it'd be way too easy to get all 3 class achievements)

Regardless, I very much enjoyed this experience. Lol, I think this is the first time I've seen a fantasy style bullet hell game.

This is great

Here's two ideas:
(1) Add a medal for getting gold on all levels (even if they're gained by replaying)
(2) Add an opposite to the spark of life: A possibility to regain mp faster in exchange for a small amount of health (I think this would fit into fire, but it's your choice)

Anyway, great game. I give it nine.


Geat game