Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

Great Game

Great game, I have played it over and over again and have tried many different builds. Below is what I believe to be the best setup for easy passage through the Survival Mode for anyone who is interested. With this build you will cast extremely fast and destroy every thing so quickly, enemies will die before you see them on your screen.

(Note: put all skill points into fire or ice, don't waste anytime with divine, also don't waste any skill points on aoe spells.)

3-Advanced fireball
2-Hot Air
4-Rapid Fire
1-Double Fireball
1-Triple Fireball

2-Winter's Might
3-Icebolt Frenzy
2-Glacial Flow
3-Master of Cold
1-Chilling Winds

Really Good!

One of the things i appreciated the most, was that the levels were such a fun idea that if one of them was too difficult and i was forced to play defensively (earning a low score) i could go back to previous levels and earn more EXP to level up before returning to the front lines.

The math on the spells was good, everything ultimately made the wizard strong are the levels increased and the barrage of forces was amazing.

I thought i recognized two sound files (demon deaths from Doom, and Garret from Thief when he gets injured -- doesn't matter if i'm wrong or right, but i appreciate the nostalgia for other games completely unrelated to this).

game play was good, graphics were proportionate to the gameplay (you don't need Dijon on beefjerky to enjoy beef jerky). I enjoyed the onslaught of adversaries as much as I enjoyed taking down rows and rows of bad guys. well made!

Captivating but slightly lacking

The game itself was very captivating and needless to say, i just spent about 2 hours on the game, mastering each type of magic. For the length of the game, the variance of spells and upgrades was great. As for the enemies and boss, i personally appreciated the lack of dialogue. I have found with many games, Star Ocean being one of them, the storyline can take away from the gaming experience.

I would have liked to see a level cap higher than 15, with a chance to master all abilities or be able to unlock the ability to do so.But, the biggest let down for me was defeating the boss, whose ominousness brings character to the game, but simply disintegrates after being defeated, and showing very limited skill.

For the length of the game, detail, and content; I would place the game as a an arcade style app for xbox live(or another online console service). Or possibly as a package deal with similar games. I find, that if the time where taken to expand the game, or at least add length to the play; i would gladly come back time and time again to play this game.


1st level - toooo easy :D
2nd level - Ooo SHIT!!
3rd level- WTF OMG WHO TH HELL- I QUIT >:( LOL

A challenging game...

Great a game, a little difficult for me though xD