Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

Really nice!

Awesome game, was very fun to try all the different talent trees. Though it feelt a bit like the divine one was lacking something, the single target spell was bad compared to the fireball and icebolt because of the lack of aoe damage. The aoe spell wasnt too good either, was awesome against monsters that were infront of you. But was rubbish the rest of the time, because you cant attack any monsters on the sides, or behind you.

Found a rather fun spec after a while though! Gonna see how it works in survival mode, will paste it here incase anyone else wanna try.

Advanced Fireball - 3/3
Ring of Fire - 1/1
Hot Air - 4/4
Double Fireball - 1/1
Rapid Fire - 2/4
Armageddon - 1/1
Tripple Fireball - 1/1
Pyromancy - 3/3

Holy Grace - 3/3
Swift Retribution - 2/2
Miracle Healing - 3/3
Holy Wrath - 2/2
Chosen One - 2/2

+21% Health & Mana
+50% Mana Regen
-30% Mana cost on fire spells
+44% Run speed
+30% Fireball damage
+54% Damage to all spells
+40% Critical strike
+22% Fire cast rate
+60% Healing and -30% MP cost on Miracle Healing

Great Replay Value

Things I liked:
-diverse skill set
-good level of difficulty
-easy to allocate skills
-great replay value
-relatively challenging boss

Things I didn't like:
-no mid-bosses
-only 3 basic enemy types (melee, magic, bats)
-the level cap. I don't have a problem with using a level cap, but the way your skill trees are designed, hybrid characters are significantly weaker than a pure fire/ice/holy character. This is mostly because of the passive skills that only affect certain trees (especially with fire skills), but it's also because of the prerequisite system. If I want an ice mage that has "hot air", I need to invest 3 skill points in fire. Why not have prerequisites that look like this: level 10, 2 points in fire required. That would help make hybrid characters more useful

I wish that the survival mode started you back at level 1 and gave you the chance to level up as you go. There isn't anything wrong with the way you have it set up, but I just think it would be more fun. Plus, the main challenge with survival mode is not running out of life, but mana. Why not give us a fighting chance by leaving mana potions on the field?

One more thing:
I like the titles you award us with (ie Pyromancer), but why not have a special name for hybrids?


It only got a 9 because it wasn't long enough, nor do you need all of your stat points to beat the "Boss" lol he was easy. I like how you have a level (or stat) cap, allows for much replay value, and I have replayed the heck outta this one! Really awesome and fun game though. I've probably played and made a dozen different builds, from double mana regen spec, to full dmg and crit spec, full ice dmg, full run speed spec (lol yeah some were a little silly) but I have found certain things more dominating than others.

Quick Overview: Divine is the best spec, Judgement is the best spell. Ice is a very weak tree and doesn't offer the control aspect as much as you would think. Fire is straitforward damage, a good complement to any spec. Smite/Triple Fireball spamming mixed with Judgements on packs of mobs makes you unstoppable.

FIRST - The game will become much easier if you obtain a second projectile. If you are having trouble I would do this immediately as every spell is on its own timer you can now spam 2 spells, so get Frostbolt or Smite asap (You may end up choosing one or both, but this will affect your spec later on).

SECOND - Judgement! By far the best and most useful spell in the game. Divine was by far the best tree to work in, and if you choose this as one of your two trees, definitely get Judgement. The stun and spell nullification are supreme, among the fairly high dmg (crits over 100). If you end up doing a Fire/Ice build and do do any Divine you should spec towards Frost Nova as snares are ultimately useful in this game.

Those 2 points alone should make the game very fun and beatable. If you don't want to go divine though, there are other options. Play around with the specs as you wish but I will state my opinion on the "don'ts".

FIRST - The full screen magic attacks (Armageddon and Blizzard) are kind of useless and ineffective AND a mana drain. If you choose to spec into using one of these spells often you should do a double mana regen spec, making it impossible to really use Armageddon as it's too far down a tree without mana regen. At +150% mana regen, you should be able to cast blizzard at will without many mana problems. Other spells to avoid are Ring of Fire and Spark of Life (You may spec to improve Spark of Life, but I recommend double mana build for this aswell).

You can tear through this game easy with the Crit/Spell Power Build.
Fire Divine
3 2 1
0 4 3 2 *You may want to exchange 2 points
1 2 0 1 to improve judgement, as it is the
0 0 3 best spell in the game, at the cost of
1 3 0* 2 crit.

All in all AMAZING GAME!!!!!! :)


I have spent hours playing this game! And what fun I have had! XD Please make a new one!

Very nice game

I really liked this game but it is too short for me and the boss was to easy to handle. The game was hard for me when i didn't used the multiple fireball. When i used it, the game became much more easy.

I'm waiting for the sequel for this game