Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

I liked it

I found it fun. I sort of liked the strategy of the level cap. I just filled the ice branch and then put the rest in holy. Itd be better of there was a mode for no level cap, but you couldnt earn achievements or submit score in it. Because then itd be way too easy. So i see the importance of the cap, but still. The only thing i didnt really like was the random spawning of the Yellow Warlocks in survival mode. There were like, 17 i think, in one huge group, and the game lagged up from the huge amount of shots they where firing. There was no way i could avoid it, and died around 300. Good game though.

oh wow

I killed th boss in half a minute without dying once on level 9

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Great game, I would have made the level cap 20 though. I wish it were longer as well.
And I found a glitch that in the endless level at the end, if you spend points and get a spell, equip it, and then refresh the page, you load the game at the level you were at before the endless level, but your spell shortcut still has that spell equipped and it is usable. Not sure if this works for power-ups as well though, and I'm sure it works on any level.

Good n´fun

I really liked this game, but ypu´ll have to make it longer. Then I think you should make enemies that are immune to some kinds of attacks, so you´ll have to learn different disciplines. I had no problem beating the game only using firespells.

Really good game

Most fun flash game I've ever played.

However, even though the introduction of new baddies on each level was good, it would've been nicer if the monsters could be elemental, and be part of the trees, like cold baddies that are weak against fire, resistant towards holy attacks, "holy" baddies that are resistant to fire and weak against ice etc.

If the baddies could have better spells, like cold baddies that can slow you, and extra strong cold baddies that can freeze (real challenge), fire baddies that can burn you and you will stay burning for a few seconds, holy baddies that weaken you, throw off your aim maybe? That would be real awesome, and you will have to prioritize which projectiles are more important to dodge.

It would also be nice if you could change your appearance according to the stats you added to. Also, if there could be a undo last skill point feature, I accidentally add to wrong skills quite often, and its quite frustrating to have to restart the game to get a perfect build.

Also liked the idea of having a sacrifice spell to increase mp at the cost of hp, so more strategy can be involved in mp management. And the idea of mid-game bosses.

Overall, awesome game!