Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

Needs work

Of let's start by adding more music, it gets boring too soon.
Then it'll be better to lvl up more than 15 lvls i mean 28 skill points won't help to get much skills and variety, change the upgrade system so you might require more points as you improve skills.
as bestkillar13 said a little plot won't harm any1, add more enemies, more levels, more bosses.
for a sequel try to use the mouse to aim your fireballs or spells not only straight forward.

I might say a good game, but i think it need more work ;) GJ


This game was very addicting however the plot was sort of basic, but i really liked the upgrades and stuff
Although, it was a good game overall it was decent. A little more speech nd a plot line would've made it much, much better

excellent game

but seriously octamaser? don't rate it zero cos you cant use the spell!
click whatever spell you don't want and cycle over the smite spell

good, but rough

really, it is an awesome idea, but you gotta realize it looks just unfinished, the fire mage is just too strong, the boss is shitty (looks like one phase of that game where you got to kill a shadow creature in about 30 forms), the enemies are also shitty, there is just three tipes: soldies, warlords, and bats.

and even with all of these fails, it still is a good game, i know you finished it a short time ago, but i just get so worked up about a sequel, make more avaiable elements, so you can only choose three, let us fight other mages, let us buy stuff, let us kill more than just 3 types of enemies and more bosses, let us choose our fate, this can be SO AWESOME.

OH IMPORTANT: the fact that the initials spells and the final spells cost the same greatly reduces the "build maker" part, get it right for the next one.

i also agree with X-heiko as much as it is possible.

Bugs, Balancing, Content

Great experimental game. The idea is really good, I had the idea of a RPG-style mage like this in a jump'n'run game before, but never got to get it made.

I had two savegames at levels 11 and 5, saved as game 1 and 2. Now, game 2 is game 1 and the level 11 mage is gone. The saving system is not entirely fixed.

I played with a pyromancer and the game was quite easy. I tried a frost mage and it was a bit more difficult. Standard shots consume so little MP that you can almost outregenerate it. I never had MP problems, nor was I ever seriously injured. You can win the game by NOT killing stuff. Runnin speed upgrades aren't really felt.

As I said, the experiment is a success. Now make a game with more accessibility and more content, a real story maybe. The replayability value of this version of the game isn't going to make me finish my second character.

I have to oppose the general level cap hatred. A longer game could feature some kind of respec, but still, not being able to get everything is a key aspect of the gameplay. What you could do, however, would be to make an experimental mode with no level cap but no skill point cap per skill - after all, all (most?) of the skills were formulae with arbitrary limits. Of course enemies would have to become stronger and stronger.

Oh, elemental resistances. Nothing says "I'm a well-balanced magic RPG system" more than an actually weak enemy that you can't kill with your fav spell so it shifts from "actually weak" to "kinda strong".

I'd appreciate items, quests, different towns and the such. You know, I like the game mechanics a lot, but I think there is that much that can be done with it.

Final thought: triple fireball is epic.