Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

very good

i liked it :) survival is so hard but i liked it


This was a fun game I liked how you could power up your character world of warcraft style with tiers and such. I found that the game got much easier as you progressed so long as you chose your powerups wisely


I really liked this because it was a fairly easy game to play on! The funny thing is that it actually got easier for me to beat the enemies as I went on because I kept getting powerups. It is an extremely standard game and while not that unique, still very fun to play. I could just go on all day throwing fireballs and stuff at those trolls and warlocks. The music is very suiting and it fits the medieval fantasy theme very well. You made something fun and it was also nice to throw in those easy to understand medals.

One of my top 10 games!

This is one of the best games I've played with leveling up spells and I love how you can have the talent trees. I wish this game had more levels and I hope to see a 2nd coming! Maybe you can have where you get random drops to up grade gear and defiantly different classes maybe like Melee*rogue* or another ranged like a hunter. if you inter-graded that into a game like this it would be hands down the best game on the site.

Very enjoyable

I thought this was a real fun game,i loved how you could level up your spells that had so many different options whether you wanted to be a fire mage or an ice mage or a holy mage or any kind of mix between the three,the one thing i was a little disappointed in is that the max level is 15 so you couldn't max everything out but it wasn't too big of a deal,the graphics looked great especially the character designs so overall i enjoyed this game for a good couple of hours and think you did a great job i hope you make a sequel some time soon. :)