Reviews for "Wizard's Run"

Good...but far from great

As was previously mentioned, this game is an enjoyable time waster. For a while. Then it just gets boring. After completing the Pyromancy spells and beating the end boss I have to say, that's plenty for me. I *could* go back and master the Frost and Divinity tiers. I *could* play the Survival mode. Truth be told, though...I just plain won't. I have no desire to play this after beating the boss, and while I am a little sorry to say that, I simply don't desire a replay. Lack of any kind of coherent story didn't help. I can accept the lack of plot in the name of gameplay, but I generally prefer something with a little more meat on its bones.

The graphics lack variety and aren't anything special in all their 8-bit glory. The music kind of takes center stage, and while I enjoy a good soundtrack as I hammer away at evil minions this one lacks variety and loops so frequently that I even got sick of the tunes. It was also mentioned before that the landscape has no variation: it's just grass, grass, and more grass. Dullsville.

The level cap isn't really such a bad idea in my opinion, but level 15 does seem like a really weird place to end the experience gain. Why not something that seems to make more sense, like 25 or 30? I do think that it would be nice to increase the leveling rate a little while raising the limit so that all three magic tiers can be mastered at the very least. To me that just seems like a no-brainer that will easily please all the completionists out there.

The last problem is kind of a big one for me, and that was how much the graphics slowed down the further I got in the game. It was awful, and the game is already a little on the slow side to begin with. By the time I got to level 8 it felt as though everything - main character, spells, enemies - were slogging through a stagnant bog. Considering the simplicity of the graphics this didn't really make sense...even when there were two dozen enemies on screen and I was constantly strafing magic spells to wipe them out.

Overall opinion: 6.5/10. I feel that the work put into this deserves more than a 6, and yet I also think that 7 is kind of generous at the same time. I'm being nice and rounding up on the stars, and really generous by voting 4 out of 5. Like I said early on, I enjoyed playing Wizard's Run through the boss. Good luck, and I hope you see these critical reviews as a challenge to ramp up your mad skills! Peace.


a lot of fire and ice spells are similiar, but the fact that a lot of fire spells can do more damage and ice can slow foes, they get some complete different styles and strategies. Devine seems really different then the others considering that it hits just one enemy with the standard attack and judgement has shorter reach than armagedon and blizzard. Still it has some imobolizing effect and heavy damage.

Overall... the game is a bit to easy to complete... except that survival thing... that could drag out a bit.

Fun timewaster

It was fun. I love games where oyu can choose your own skills like this.
I don't have much to say except I found a little bug you might want to fix.
I have a level 14 pyromancer
and a level 15 Ice master.
If i create a new file (an aprentice) and then quit, start pyromancer, quit and start ice master and then quit and start my aprentice again, he has all the spells from the other 2:)

Pretty easy game when you cheat like this:P


First of all, vague instructions. It says "Enter the menu to change spells." How do you do it? Enter the ability and then LEFT CLICK ON THE ONE YOU WANT TO CHANGE. How about making this a LITTLE more clear?
Then, there's the lack of variety. Other than amounts of enemies, it's very little change. Using the spells? Let's see...
"Chosen One": Spam the hell out of Judgment
"Pyromancer": Triple Fireball says "hi".
"Ice Master": Spamming Ice Bolt (which is EXACTLY like Firebolt, but slows your opponent down a little. What the hell...?)
Then, the lack of scenery. At least make it a cave that you enter or something instead of just walking outside...
Also, you might want the enemies (rarely, perhaps) drop potions (red for half health, blue for half Mana, used when picked up). I found myself low on mana more often than I found myself low on HP and when I WAS low on HP, I was generally low on Mana as well. Add the fact that the healing spell, even with the power ups to lower it's Mana cost, costs a truckload anyway.
Then I had a problem with the level cap, which is 15. This makes it, in theory, possible to be a master of 2 elements (assuming you make sure you just pump in the stats for the right spells all the time).
Also, it says "reduces recast time for all spells." What does that mean? All spells in the GAME or all spells of that particular element? Also, if it's the former, why even have spells that lower for that particular element? Even if you're going to master that element, you'll find yourself mastering spells that lowers for all spells as well as raises your Mana/health/regeneration.
All in all, good idea, dull game.

Great Game

But I dont know how to switch Abilities. Can someone please tell me how.