Reviews for "Molgera battle-WW"


Best Mogera Remix I've heard! It's at least as good as the one on SSB:Brawl!!

Good song to remix

You know, I once downloaded this song and I when I heard it I thought: "You could make great remixes of this song". If I ever get an audiomixing program, this´ll be the first song I´ll work on. Anyway, it seems that I was right, you really made a very nice sounding remix of this song. I liked it a lot, overall 9 out of 10.

MooMan911 responds:

Well, the laptop I use has garage band. Thats an audio mixing.

wow nice

i actually like this good job man

Lol, Garageband.

I hear that future flute!

In any case, it's well done! I'm a Garageband user myself, I'll definitely be checking you out in the future to get tips!

So close...

This is getting closer to the bass oriented version i'm looking for. Anyway, this is pretty damn good.