Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"


The game is very good but I think there a glitch, for some reason my AP wouldn't go down... At first it did but until those I got killed by those zombies with the black coat? anyways my hand turn zombie ish as well.... not sure if its me or everyone else.

Best game on newgrounds

lol...the broken walls thing was clever. i think I walked around for about an hour before I saw the one you need the night vision for

Great game, kinda wish it was bigger....

Wow what can i say, lots of items / baddies and some frustration at times but frustration was minimal once you get the hang of things and the hints left around the map. Would have been cool if there was secret bosses or some mid / mini bosses that jumped in. loved the battle music when you fight in the rooms with the speakers, wicked game, hope to see another one with tons of weapons / items , enemies and bosses, felt like it needed more bosses or some uber bosses


Friggen brilliant. It was easier at first but got challenging as I went. Happy to say I finished with 100%. Thanks for the awesome game.

I've longed for something like that (and an error)

Oh, how I love tactical games! And to make one out of madness is sheer beautifullness.
There is a minor detail off I think:
In the room just before the last one (in that crazy random room tower) if you go east then you end up in the same room but with an elevator in place of vortex. It doesn't change anything in where the room leads, but it looks odd when an elevator just pops out of nowhere.