Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"


is fake

Not feeling it.

Just me. While I have no problem with turn-based strategy games (Big fan of Final Fantasy), this is slow and tedious. Madness is supposed to be... Madness. Not strategic turn-by-turn chess. I was hoping for a return of an improved Madness Interactive, but... I see you addressed that with your "Not wanting to be a one-man army" thing. In all honesty I'm kinda disappointed with what went on here. I want to give you an A for effort, because the game was well built and designed, but it was poorly executed to be a true "Madness" tribute. Maybe a multiplayer co-op version of Madness Interactive would be nice. :P

I love the game itself, however... WHY IS THERE NO AUTOSAVE?! I have played through half of this game, only to die and then have to start over -_-

Its Been 7 Years and Madness retaliation 2 hasn't come out yet
where is it??

Kind of a interesting direction to go with for Madness and it could've been pretty good if the game didn't so blatantly cheat. It's bad enough you're left underpowered/underequipped for every other encounter the game throws at you even with finding all the secret rooms but then there's no real point to strategy when about 90% of your attacks get blocked and 90% of enemies have more range and AP than you, not to mention getting twice the number of moves whenever you use a smoke grenade. I managed to play as far as the Tricky bossfight and that's the furthest I think I'm ever going to get just because it just gets unfair to the point of being unplayable and I don't have the patience to farm for grenades which from what i can tell is the only way to even have a slight chance of beating him. Sorry but farming doesn't belong anywhere near a game like this.

tl;dr Game ruined by RNG/luck over strategy, blatantly unfair difficulty and farming in the lategame