Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

<3'd It

VERY GOOD LOVED IT!!! lol actually had to get on my account and post a comment! give us a Part 2 Plox!!! =D


really nice, bosses are hard, but beatable
the map can be kinda confusing sometimes, but i'm guessing that's intentionally to make it a bit harder.
just can't beat the maze, but i'll figure it out someday
nice job


I've spent 3 days playin this game and its the best GAME EVER!!!!!!!! I loved every minute of it and I pray theres a sequal! Seriously this is the best game on newgrounds!!!


just downright amazing,i need to know wheres the jesus head and armor


I've played this since the previous update and now my 70% progress has been lost because of this new update. Well, if you have any idea of how to fix it or get my progress back feel free to send me a PM pls.