Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"


I've beaten the game and plan to play it again. This is a simple, yet addicting and fun game. The boss fights are hard but entertaining none-the-less. The unique melee weapons kind of bother me but... meh, it works well and it makes it challenging.

I know you probably have gotten enough 'suggestions' on what you should do but I want to state these anyhow. I like the kill team aspect but it would be cool if you could, possibly for this one or another one, make a 'hard core' mode where you play as a single or a team of two. Of course you would have to change the stats and stuff to make it even possible. I got this idea because I loved it when I got a good set of armour that complemented melee fighting, my one character practically took down an entire room full of guys and managed to survive almost all their shots. I would simply play again and again as a lone figure beating the crap out of an enemy base because it would be challenging.

This game is a fantastic game and I plan on playing a few more times before I get sick of it. Hope to see more excellent work like this in the future. Take Care!

revolverroach responds:

i bet you're talking about the Hank armor set. i tried to make it classic Hank one-man army style without breaking the whole team dynamic. teleport + dodge + deflect FTW

An epic game

This game was completely awesome, I loved the system of only having weapons and armor to make your characters stronger. There are only 2 issues I could find with the game: 1) Enemies drop flashbang and smoke grenades a bit to often ( I usually have 20-30 of each at all times, and that makes would-be tough battles very easy), and 2)The shadow dash ability doesn't seem to work for hank's head gear (either that or I don't know how to use it properly (if so, please explain how it works)).

Also, I never experienced the disappearing weapon glitch, so you must have fixed it properly this time.

Once again great job!

revolverroach responds:

i'm happy that someone has an issue with something being too easy :D the constant item drops are really so that the game isn't obscenely difficult.

as for the shadow dash, it only works if you manually click a tile to move. does not work if you attack-move by double clicking an enemy. in the next update, that will be fixed so that the dash and tricky jump are always used, but i still have to wait for admin approval before the update goes online.

glad you liked the game and thanks for the review! and i am SOOOOO happy you didn't have the item glitch. that thing is haunting me.


I loved it! I had troubles with the Clown, but realized I'd missed a couple rooms, so I managed to beat him eventually. Also, the ending boss fight was great, I actually managed to kill both the Hank clone and the Sanford clone using the Hank armor/headgear, which really made me lol. Great game, overall.

Very nice 5/5 10/10

Possibly one of the best games on newgrounds... not too easy or hard and it actually requires some form of strategy to beat it as opposed to clicking like a zombie.

Needs a sequel

seriously this is the type of game I can play for hours and I like the fact that there is a madness game that can be an rpg game the game you made is so addicting that there should be more like this