Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

glitch where weapons disappear STILL in the game

after a while very repetetiv

and i have just lost 2 weapons/two of my guys used them and after a wipe at the clown they had zombie hands and their weapons were gone -.- that sucks.

but nevertheless great game - 10/10 (made a ng account just for posting her ^^)

revolverroach responds:

ack that glitch. i'm working on that. great that you made an NG account just to comment. stick around. there's lots of good stuff on newgrounds. it's been my "go-to" site for years


This Game is Awesome!!! if i could i'd rate four hundred Thousand stars!

Pretty cool!

5/5 10/10, it's a no doubter. But the animations need a tiny tweaking for perfection.


help me pls............ cant find card key 2...................awesome game though!

tottaly freakin epic!!!!

the clown is like "owiez now i shakez ma fistz atz youz andz like, PANE TWANE! BOOM! oh noz! more clownz!!! " DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! oh wait to much smoke to see then im like HEALIES!!!! (DUN DUN DA DA!) then the clown like, "MOOOOOOO!" and all mu guyz gets dere faces ripped off....