Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

blast from the fucking past

Game is pretty good! I like the concept of a turn based strategy in the style of Madness! But I do have so issues with it.

The map is kinda too big. There is a few shortcuts but they are too far away. (Spoiler: There is an item that will allow you to teleport around the map but you don't get to pick where you want to go.)

(SPOILER OVER) I feel like the enemy gets to block more often then my characters, which can be extremely annoying.

Some of the music is not as satisfying. I would wish there was some combat music but oh well.

but other then that.. It's still good and fun!


Pro-Tip: Do not let zombies go sicko mode (Bloodlust) Or else they kill half of your team

I love this game, wish there was a sequel, but for some reason I didn't get all the achievements even though I have 100% and I beat the game and found all the secrets.