Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

Este juego es muy bueno, no tengo palabras para describirlo
este es el tipo de juego de turnos, uno que yo estaba buscando y este a sobrepasado mis expectativas

Small tip... if there's an exploding zombie clown and just an ordinary exploding clown... never ever! EVERRRRRR!!! make those zombie clown explode near those other exploding zomboez... or else... that ordinary exploding zombo would have more health and the more you make him get exploded by the zombie clown's, the more it's health get's bigger.... Got mine to reach up to 900+ smh. Took me almost 10 min. to just rinse and repeat the combo that I made just to kill that zombo -_-

WONDERFUL GOOD GAME. But the Hank's ability is too high, isn't it? No one can kill the 'Hank with melee weapon' except Hank himself! And i want the zombie's ability 'blood lust' more powerful, by adding the head and suit's plus AP stats.

I comeback to this game even after 4 years

God bless this gaem
salu2 Zellendust