Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

The best take on the Madness series. This is one of the best turn based strategy games I have played. However, there are a few problems that prevents it from getting a 5 star from me.
1) Teleportation to already explored rooms is not available. It is tiring walking from room to room especially after defeating Tricky.
2) The characters are too close together. It is hard to click on empty spots and mag agents block the enemies behind them. The solution is to firstly raise the corner of the room to make more space for the characters. Secondly, add tiles to make each space more visible and clearly defined
3) There are too many smoke grenades, flash bangs and medkits. I made it to the Auditor's office with 101 super medkits, 67 smoke grenades and 45 flash bangs. The only levels that require these items to win are the Tricky boss fight and the final Auditor boss fight. All other levels can be passed without wasting any add ons.
4) There is not enough planning and strategy involved in the middle and later stages of the game, when my 4 characters are usually powerful enough to finish most of the fight in 2 rounds. Most of the later rounds involve quickly taking out the entire enemy force. Hence little strategy is involved, which made the game dull.
5) The Auditor's office had no corner, hence it was hard to tell where the floor ends. The Auditor's tower' maze is fun but it is too big and takes a long process of trial and error to find the way to the Auditor's room.
6) It is not made clear enough that beating Saucy takes the same weapons that they are using. I had to read up on Wiki to learn that.
7) There should be a warning if a player attempts to quit to main menu without saving.

plis the second part :ยด(


when is Madness Retaliation 2 coming up?

Ah for the last bossfight btw you gotta use the same weapon the rofl/saucy mimic guy is holding it aint a bug. :D CHIIIILDHOOOOOOOD games