Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"


Madness Retaliation 2 plz!

Best madness game !

This ... is ... just ... perfect.

The game is very long, funny and great graphically !
But I think you should make a level-up system for the next Retaliation.

And ... before Madness Retaliation, I've never seen an addictive flash game !

this game ids awsome

i cant wiat for part 2 of this

Some secret medals and whatnot.

If you can see, there are 4 secret medals. I only know how to get the 1st,3rd and 4th ones. (Pls PM me if you know the 2nd one.)

You will get all these 4 medals by looting all the lockers. (Almost all, just the important ones when you have the 2nd keycard onwards)

1st: Ammunition. There's a room filled with gasoline and bullets. If I remember correctly, when you click on the locker in that room you should get it.

3rd:Medication. I cannot recall what room this is in but you will receive a medkit power up.
4th and final:Collection. Get at least one of every weapon and armor item. Looting all and not certain lockers will make this easier.

Some people haven't figured out the final location as which they have to explore to get the Exploration medal. After you find that/those rooms which you had no idea were there, defeat The Auditor and you will get that medal at the end of the game. Anyways, i'm just gonna tell you the hidden rooms which almost all people cant find. IN THE AUDITOR'S TOWER. So here it is. After ariving on The Auditor's office, go east twice.(1st hidden room) Then go up.Followed by down+ west. (2nd and final hidden room)
Now, how to defeat Tricky. (I know many ppl have trouble with this) You need some things. High AP and AP regain, good armor class, powerful far range weapons,(It's easier with the UZI+Sanford's hook and if you have the 1st secret medal.),Over 10-15 flash bangs and 10 smoke grenades.25-30 flash bangs would be reccommended if you're not using smoke grenades,(Which would be almost useless when facing this guy) and high HP. (You'll mothaf**kin' need it.)

Then I can tell many people have trouble with The Auditor. Looting all lockers = HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Dress your 1st CQB as Hank withTricky's melee wep and M60, 2nd CQB as Saucy with M60 and Swiss and Wellson Model 500 (SWM500) and M60, Assault as Deimos with UZI and D-Eagle and Heavy as Sanford with his hook and Steyer AUG. Make sure that ALL characters have matching headgear and armor before calling them by their respective names. And you're gonna need the Medication medal as well as alot of HP packs before going into battle. Keeping Hank in the front with his melee weapon is highly recommended as he can deflect any attacks. But be warned, the final match with the clones of Hank, Deimos and Sanford's difficulty may be extremely hard for non-experienced users.
But first, how to kill the Saucy clones. Just attack them with whatever weapons they've equipped.

So, the only people you should try killing with you other users are Deimos and Sanford. KILL DEIMOS FIRST. Majorly important. Deimos....throws smoke bombs at the start of the time every time you press end turn. You might miss the others but I can confirm you can kill Deimos. He has low HP and there is a VERY VERY high chance of successfully hitting him. After that's done, the next turn you can kill the rest of them. Oh! BTW, have your other units kill Sanford while Hank is killing Hank. Don't interfere as even the clone Hank can deflect bullets and melee attacks. So, only have Hank kill Hank as he can deflect Hank's attack more than once in a single go.

So there you have it. The EPIC guide to some of the secret medals and how to kill certain bosses and enemies. Sorry that it's a long review and that it might be a little jumbled, but it works. Trust me.

-ToaIgniki A.K.A Ed

P.S. Please give this a + if you find this really helpful!

My God. I love this game.

I'd put a lot more excitement into that title, but I'm afraid that if I do, I'll explode. XD Seriously, though, this is just another reason why I love Madness. 10 stars!