Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

screwed me on the final fight I flashed and I could not play, tried to load and no save profile shattered star is for you and I was really enjoying the game

was fun for a few hours though

How can i play they game in my celphone??

No save.

last play (8 year ago

It is an amazing game but seriously why make the final battle so gimmicky? ON the first place you need to solve a complicated puzzle in order to even get to the final battle location and on second place you need to use the same weapons as the third wave enemies to kill them and they change their guns from time to time. Finally you can only fight the hank clones by using one of your 4 guys equipped with his armor and headgear. Otherwise your attacks are an automatic miss. Great game but instead of adding challenge you added gimmicks to the final fight. Great game anyway,did die several times on the final tricky fight and boss fight till I realize what to do by reading the comments.