Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

This is always a badass challenge, plus a classic....

I want to love this game, I want to enjoy it. But even by RPG standards it's repetitive and boring. It's one thing to increase the health and number of the enemies, but it's another to give them a ridiculous number of action points and to give them the ability to block many shots. It's like I'm playing XCOM all over again. The healing aspect is also annoying, and I found myself constantly save-scumming. Gaining 2 health with every new room when another group of enemies might spawn, and aside from that only limited health-packs? Found myself just moving between two rooms and constantly saving until I killed Jebus. Also, personally, I hate RPG's based on 'leveling' based on armor, especially when it's so enemy-heavy.

This game is hellish FUN. Two secret gears are easy to find now, and the thing I hate is when I throw a flash bang, it just stops and I can't do anything. But Very fun, this game better have a another part before 2020 comes.

Played like 30 times , pretty awesome

no donkey balls were harmed in the making of this game