Reviews for "Kenya Bros"


...is pissed!

You don't seem to realise...

...that africa dudes were made only to get your reaction from being excluded? You see, it all works out perfect in the end, as it turns out the world DOES revolve around you you youyyouyouyouyuo!!! ^_________________^

lolol hapy edning

those bastards

dont worry Max, I got the joke

as im sure everyone else that did the original collab. Jeez people, please be intelligent enough to actually understand the humor before writing ignorant comments. You don't have to admit you're too stupid to get it, just dont type anything :)


Sadly, this is the best video you've ever made. It's hilarious

Good timing

You good you! YOU GOOD! You... You you you, you reeeaal good.

Yotam surprised me, did you cut out his voice clips from the podcast?