Reviews for "Kenya Bros"


i was invited to be in the other one man, so you know, you can start being really totally jealous of me right now, yeh.

wow i'm suprised by how many of u dont get this

he wasnt put in the africa dudes collab so this is pretty much a response to them. honestly this was alot more bareable than that piece of shit colab that they put together. i found this video much more entertaining. so his ngger cartoon is better than their ngger cartoon

your the best

Yes Max you are the best! punch LazyMuffin for me

aww, poor Max

We still love you dude


definitely a lot funnier if you listened to the most recent wisenheimer podcast. Only complaint I had was that lip syncing looks kind of awkward with the bottom teeth showing. that's just my opinion though, I'm kind of picky about stuff like that. Otherwise great cartoon