Reviews for "Kenya Bros"

Not as good as Africa Dudes, but pretty damn close

Some people just dont get the humor in this


I had found this excessively boring. And I say that not because I am being unfair; but because that this movie was just so bland and tiring. It got funny at the start but now it just derailed from there. It tried to make every attempt to make me laugh but I couldn't laugh.
The animation was okay; but it did not fit what I was hoping for. It needed more movement and more character interaction and the characters need to maneuver not just their arms and head but their entire body. Body language is also important in this. (Africa Dudes also didn't have much of this) But if your going to put effort into a movie that's gonna be better than Africa Dudes at least put some effort into it.

Now I don't know if this flash was suppose to be a joke or not but I have to give it the best and honest opinion I have.

And on the final note; before the end it seems like there is more whining and bitching than I had ever heard before. I wish he didn't complain so much and act like a total pansy. So his character was waaaay overdone with this whole "oh unfair unfair! I never get invited to this or that collab! I didn't get what I want and this sucks it was fucking stupid and gay so I a going to make another one!" and expect more followers.

I rest my case.

Well honestly...

I thought it was pretty funny through the beginning... After that I was just sort of waiting for something to happen in the vast dense space of that rant on ostracizing artists (mainly yourself) from collaborative cartoons... Then of course you make it bloody hilarious with the inclusion of the 'n word'. This is racism done right... Wasn't really offensive as it was funny, so props for that.

I hope you get included in the next collab. Good work, sir.

-Sincerely, the Hoboweasel

P.s. *obligatory gunshot sound*


Hahaha that is great lol, you are definetly a guy HotDiggedyDemon by the way


hahahahhaah omg i got it as soon as i saw the dudes... poor diggidy, but YOU SHOWED EM!