Reviews for "Kenya Bros"

your right...

i had to go watch Africa dudes to see if it was as bad ans you said it was. your n****r cartoon IS better then there n****r cartoon.

You showed them!!

I loved the sarcasm Max. I also like how the argument came from the wisenheimers show it was really interesting on how you saw that through.

ohhh yesh

ive always loved your cartoons
its soooooo funny
lololololollolololololololololoololol oolololloolollololollloololoolooololl ol

Unlike Africa dudes

Which just dragged on and on and wasnt funny at all. This is very good and funny, it picked up even more nearer the end.

your flashes...

are comical and ingeniously delicious, yet your sarcasm in your superiority complex is so thick I need to get my power drill to carve away the granite.