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Reviews for "Genesis !"

good but

one major flaw is that when you run into a dead end you run into a dead end
doodle god had a hint system something this seriously needs
i meen its a better game to me
but it does need that
im stuck at like 30 something elements

Orteil responds:

Try combining things with themselves !
(hint : dualism+dualism, etc.)
There's already a hint system (things that can mix with what you're holding glow blue), and I think it's an easier hint system than Doodle God's... Regarding the other criticisms I get, I don't know if I should make it easier or harder !

Pretty Good

Not much to improve upon with doodle god, but your submission comes close. One thing that you can do, which has probably been addressed already is the need for organization. It is a giant cluster which has no structure, and i found myself accidentally deleting elements that bottlenecked my progress. There is no need for free ranged elements in this game, and an organizational tree is very much needed. It would have been better to at least organize the library to make access easier, and dont give me the fob of the search bar, because i might not remember which element I am looking for. Also, if you insist on adding a free range on the grid, add a number on board stat in the library so you can see if any element is not on the board.
As for originality, this comes very close to being an exact duplicate of doodle god. I don't quite know the later elements, as the clustering made my head hurt and i quit after making worms, but for the most part, this is not very different. If you were going for a nothing special tribute to doodle god, you achieved that. However, if you were going for something spectacular, you need to approach this game at a different angle. Make a fantasy world, or add a different element into the game, such as rpg etc. This is a good clone of doodle god, but not a good tribute.
Overall, the graphics were good and I experienced very good gameplay. All areas of the game were functional and


Its fine but there is still much room for improvement. It is very unorganized it'd be nice to have more sorted and not where you create a ton of the same thing and have to delete a bunch. Also, you should have like and index of what combinations you've used so you dont try the same ones over and over again

pretty good

not to shabby. >_<

I found 83/95, and I'm stuck. This was a fun game to play, and it was interesting to experiment with and combine different elements. After a while, it was a bit confusing and almost annoying because I couldn't find anything new. Not bad overall.