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Reviews for "Genesis !"

Like it better than doodle god, but....

I like it, but the screen gets cluttered fast. A trash can in the corner to remove elements from the screen would be nice... I like the way mixable elements glow, but maybe add a 5 second delay to let me guess first... Overall very fun and addicting.

Orteil responds:

A trashcan would indeed be a good idea. I'll consider implementing that !
Regarding the glow delay... maybe ? It could lead to a weird gameplay pace, with the user picking up something, waiting 5 seconds, combining it, picking up something else etc...


pretty good and very addictive

Very nice, but MAN, THE LAGG...

Its an epic tribute to an epic game. I like how you tried to make it with an interactive interface, but it just gets completely cluttered and I can't find S!@#. I liked some of the new elements and ideas. I presume at the moment there are only 72 combinations, because thats how many I found.

Orteil responds:

Click the "library" on the right - you'll see that there are precisely 95 elements right now !


It's almost perfect,the only problem is the sistem of tiles.i was with almort 90 tiles and i pressed reset FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU U

Can anyone help
I forgot how to make hydrothermic vent when i reset