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Reviews for "Genesis !"


Nice remake of Doodle God, I actually saw your comment there (quite big i might ad) about how you were going to make a version with your own twist.
Ended up pretty good and easier, BUT the fact that you keep repeating elements is kind of a nuisense.
Very good game either way, pretty good job.

Orteil responds:

I see that "elements keep appearing repeatedly" criticism a lot. Maybe I should make it so that there can't be more than 2 of the same thing in the game at the same time ? I'll try that in the next update.
Thanks for your review !

Like it!

It's great. I love this genre. The colour system needs a little work, it would be nice if a different colour appeared if that combination was already made, but then it might be easier. I do like Doodle God's hint system, how you have to wait for a hint and only use it if you want. Also, maybe a sort of family tree would be good, like as another menu, so you can view what you have and see what you haven't combined yet.

Also. For us people who just get stuck, even after combining things with the same thing, can we have a walkthrough. I'm really stuck :(

Otherwise superb game. I will want to know when a newer version comes out!

Are there really 95 combos?

Ok, I see that there are some unfinished combinations. I really hope you didn't count those in the 95 possible combinations... because if so, I just spent 2 hours more than I needed to...

A final list would be nice, add some secret or hidden/bonus combos would be cool too. but seriously, I swear I've tried all of them and still only ended up with 90/95...

Orteil responds:

No, you can get the 95 in the current version.
And there are secret combinations, such as rainbow+rainbow... Unless you mean combinations that aren't hinted, but I think that'd make the game even more frustrating.

A great game but can be to confusing

Amazing game! Splendid, I must say! It is quite confusing however.