Reviews for "Genesis !"

I don't know how

But this is SRIOUSLY addicting.

little bug, fantastic game

I'm another Doodle God lover, so this game is.... fantastic :D
Just one thing, i've already got the 95 items to collect, but there are 3 combinations that never did nothing (although they appears in blue when You mark them)!
- wasp + earth
- wasp + flower
- fish + swamp
Is this a bug?
Anyway congratulations, and please, forgive my mistakes I'm Spanish and my English is very poor ;-)

Orteil responds:

You already got the 95 ? Whoah ! I definitely need to balance that hint system.
Also, if there's a hint a combination might work but it doesn't, it means it's not implemented yet ! (for example, I think wasp + flower makes a bee.)

The game is godd and all...

hey its an excellent game and i spend hours playing it just.......WOW but theres a glitch i found
when i got the fish (Not telling how to find it) it shows that i can mix it with the swamp (blue circle around it) but when i try to mix them nothing happens
please fix that glitch
:) 5 stars

I noticed a glitch as well...

It says you can mix wasp with both earth and flower, but when I try it nothing happens... Other than that, this is a great game!

I've managed to get 80 elements out of 95 and couldn't figure out what I've missed. A hint system would be helpful. Stones and animations are a nice addition that makes this game stand from many other of this kind. Also, I find it really helpful that it was shown which elements can react with each other - someone might think of it as too easy, but I prefer this solution over blind guessing, definitely.