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Reviews for "Genesis !"

Very nice, but MAN, THE LAGG...

Its an epic tribute to an epic game. I like how you tried to make it with an interactive interface, but it just gets completely cluttered and I can't find S!@#. I liked some of the new elements and ideas. I presume at the moment there are only 72 combinations, because thats how many I found.

Orteil responds:

Click the "library" on the right - you'll see that there are precisely 95 elements right now !

Like it!

It's great. I love this genre. The colour system needs a little work, it would be nice if a different colour appeared if that combination was already made, but then it might be easier. I do like Doodle God's hint system, how you have to wait for a hint and only use it if you want. Also, maybe a sort of family tree would be good, like as another menu, so you can view what you have and see what you haven't combined yet.

Also. For us people who just get stuck, even after combining things with the same thing, can we have a walkthrough. I'm really stuck :(

Otherwise superb game. I will want to know when a newer version comes out!


If you like a game and so does everyone else than ther is no reason to make the exact same game as before.In fact the only difference between Doodle God and this is that Doodle God was original and little bit more refined than this.No need for a remake 0 Stars.

Not bad

I enjoyed Doodle God a great deal, so that being said obviously I like this game. It is quite annoying, however, that the elements are runestones; the player shouldn't need to clear elements off of the field just because stuff is getting too crowded. Also, why do they act like physical objects? When a combination is successfully made, the runestones bounce off of one another, which kind of sucks if you're trying to keep your field organized. Also, it would be really helpful for the library to list what elements were used to create something, just for reference. I mean, some of it is logical, such as lightning+sand=glass, but for elements such as "void," I have no recollection of how I created that one.

I do like your choice of names for your game... I put quite a bit of time into a game called Ge.Ne.Sis, so I'm a little biased. =)

a good 20min or so passtime

a good game, kept me entertained before i had to go to work, i also ran into that bee/fish with the swamp, flower, earth problem. other then that it was fun. not too hard, a well sorted person can make a nice pattern to get all 95 decently quick, maybe in a later version have like... a section you can go to like the library, but on the left side, a somewhat... universe to see what you have created.