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Reviews for "Genesis !"

The game is godd and all...

hey its an excellent game and i spend hours playing it just.......WOW but theres a glitch i found
when i got the fish (Not telling how to find it) it shows that i can mix it with the swamp (blue circle around it) but when i try to mix them nothing happens
please fix that glitch
:) 5 stars

doddle god

just like doddle god

Good game

But the MASSIVE flaw is hitting the reset button which should ask you if you're absolutely SURE at least three times when you have 86 created and then restting everything.

Aside from that it was great.

a good one

hey man awesome game this is the firts one i play in this gender it was easy until the part of dualism + dualism and after that it took me a while but i got almost all combination anyway i think you are missing somethin like stalagtites and stalagmites, island, virus, tornado, more mineral like phosphor, salt, calcic and that sort of things anyway a really good one need some more utilities but still a great game keep going with the hard work, i will wait your next release

Are there really 95 combos?

Ok, I see that there are some unfinished combinations. I really hope you didn't count those in the 95 possible combinations... because if so, I just spent 2 hours more than I needed to...

A final list would be nice, add some secret or hidden/bonus combos would be cool too. but seriously, I swear I've tried all of them and still only ended up with 90/95...

Orteil responds:

No, you can get the 95 in the current version.
And there are secret combinations, such as rainbow+rainbow... Unless you mean combinations that aren't hinted, but I think that'd make the game even more frustrating.