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Reviews for "Genesis !"

I reached 92 before giving up. Certainly some interesting results conjured up, though I wonder if there's a glitch because two specific combinations (one being swamp/fish) glow and do the sparkling effect to suggest they're meant for each other, yet nothing else happens and no new (or existing) elements are made.

Overall not bad and a nice way to pass some time. The mediocre score is because there is no soundtrack, not as many new opportunities as I'd hoped for and a relatively simple, if effective premise.

74/95... so hard! a hint system would help very much. I love it, though, just like your other games. murder games was really good for a randomized battle simulator, nested was just confusing enough, and cookie clicker, I've gone full idle. keep up the good work!

I noticed a glitch as well...

It says you can mix wasp with both earth and flower, but when I try it nothing happens... Other than that, this is a great game!

For some reason did 95/95. The fish+swamp thing really mislead me. Was at 94/95, and thought for a moment there that fish+swamp must give the missing item. But no, everything works.

Best game ever!!!