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Reviews for "Genesis !"

Sort of a rip off?

Yeeeaaahhh not exactly as good as the original, after about 20 or so elements created gets boring and fills up the screen with reused elements. Not really that good, try making it so it doesn't repeat elements every time you use them...

Orteil responds:

I'll try to find something, but if you want, you can delete tiles by control-clicking on them.


Nice remake of Doodle God, I actually saw your comment there (quite big i might ad) about how you were going to make a version with your own twist.
Ended up pretty good and easier, BUT the fact that you keep repeating elements is kind of a nuisense.
Very good game either way, pretty good job.

Orteil responds:

I see that "elements keep appearing repeatedly" criticism a lot. Maybe I should make it so that there can't be more than 2 of the same thing in the game at the same time ? I'll try that in the next update.
Thanks for your review !

I tried mixing dualism with rocks

Nothing happened :(

pretty addicting

little slow but wicked addicting.