Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"


the song was from spider-man 3 and... HOW SOON!?!


It's better than your Call Of Duty animation.

Story and Writing: I've noticed something about most of your videos. Everything's okay and all but not the writing and ideas. They're always too predictable, they make the somewhat good ideas fall flat, and they overall fail. The story is okay, I guess. It's pretty much the same old superheroes story that's been told to death even in the 60s. My opinion would be completely different if you took a new and original twist to the genre, but that never happens in your videos. You always re-do the same type of genre, or say what's already been said a million times.

Animation: This is what I've normally enjoyed with your videos. The animation is very slick and reminds me of most cartoons like SpongeBob and comedy's like Family Guy. BTW, I think the newer season of Family Guy sucks alot; just throwing it out there. Still, really good. Keep it up.

Voices and Dialouge: Not exactly very well thought out. For the Dialouge, that is. I found the voice actors okay though. Just not as good as the voice actors that I'm used to. With the Dialouge, I'm not exactly sure why I don't like it that much. Maybe it's because of how bland it is, or just how everything is in general.

OVERALL: Not half bad. If you were to remake this video, please take in consideration the things I said. Trust me, if you follow those suggestions, your videos will be FAR better than the other stuff you made. Again, the videos okay, it just feels really bland.

music is from Little Big planet

it would be cooler if the sources were cited and not stolen

im done

I remember why i dont go to NG anymore... Im so disspointed. seriously i am. I fucking loved newgrounds when i was younger but NOW. This shit is wats hot? Nah man