Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"

Not terribly impressed...

Your characters look pretty good but some of the animations they don't. Movement is sometimes fiddly, and the actions they do could sometimes do without a frame. As the "darting of the eyes" part.

The voice acting I really didn't like at all... Now, I may just be a hardass, but you need more "emphasis" and "tone" to your voice. Sometimes the voices didn't fit in with the way there were acting, or the situation they were in.

Story wise... eh. I would have had given a background on WHY the dude was making this "magical rainbow solution" (which was gray when it exploded?) and why his pals were there with him.

Comedy was hit and miss here... The only thing that made me chuckle was the "radioactive lake" idea... Since the tone of the dude's voice (going back to the voice acting) indicated that he was being serious... I would ask some of your friends (who you know won't bullshit to you) to see if the material IS funny. Maybe even random people you don't know too well... You don't want pity chuckles, you want the real deal.

Work on your voice acting, smoother animations, and comedy and you got yourself some gold.

glasscake responds:

"smoother animations"

Needs some spunk.

Animation's good, voices are boring, though. Glad for the humor. It finally picks up speed at the end, leading the to tag for the next episode. Not every cartoon has to be blitzy college-humor schizo-techno slaps of epileptic seizure inducing thrill rides, so this series might find a balance between dry humor with pauses, and that schizo-techno craziness. Yes?

Very well made!

Can't wait to see the next part, aand I must say, the animation in this is brilliant!

music is from Little Big planet

it would be cooler if the sources were cited and not stolen

Good Stuff

But you do need to work on some audio there, some sounds were way too loud and some too quiet. It was a bit short too, but i still enjoyed it.