Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"


what's the name of the song at the end?

Looks like ComiX

i like it. it looks good it also has the same animation ans ComiX i think the name of it was

hah xD

what kind of power is super drawing? XD
good job though, hopefully the next one will be longer and have more action and stuff..

i remember when you were pivotRJ

ahhh the chase a good series by you this looks good too lol

what happened to pivot? seems like no one uses it anymore...

Smooth animation but...

Its an interesting plot idea, the kind i prefer actually and the animation is top notch as well but i just dont think slapstick humor is the kind for newgrounds. I mean seriously, the "lets start from the beginning" joke has been used so much, the originality has been sucked right out of it. Also, as im asuming this is meant to be an action-comedy because of the superhero aspect, there isnt much action (though i know the comedy is meant to be dominant over the action) and the only comedy you do have isnt very good. The animation is nearly flawless except the eyelids were slightly un-bordered in parts, but that is a minor flaw compared to the rest.
All in all:
Action: 0/1
Comedy: 0/3
Animation: 3/3
Plot: 3/3 (because, while not very original, the superpower idea has unlimited potential)
Overall: 6/10 + 1/10 because i can tell you put some real effort into making it.
Sorry if i'm being discouraging, i still want a sequel ;)