Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"

nicely done

the actor wearing the red shirt really do sounded like mat from the eddsworld series

glasscake responds:

Haha, that's me...

Not Much There

It's not that you have something of lack-luster here, but I really think you should have completed more before releasing anything, this doesn't seem to be anything more than a trailer.

Aside from knowing nearly nothing about what is offered here, I think the animation and sound were great.


I don't know, the voice acting on Baraka's part wasn't all that great. And the animation was pretty fluid, the problem doesn't really lie in a lack of inbetweens, but the movement of characters was kind of fridgid and unnatural. Maybe try to take that into consideration when making part 2.

I'm eager to see those interesting superpowers you thought up in action though. The concepts behind the show themselves are pretty good.


that was funny (rofl) when's part 2 coming out bcuz i can't wait :PPP


I REALLY Enjoyed it... so funny and random

Btw the music in the end sounded familiar