Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"


Little Big Planet music FTW!

...and the rest of the animation is awesome too...

good start

a good start to what seems like a start of another awesome newgrounds series, good animation, story so essentially 5.5 10/10

Nice animation, good voicing... yet...

I liked the feel of the flash I just don't think anyone should release something with "Pt1" and "Pt2" when it should all just be a single flash. You're going to release part 2 in less than a month yet you felt the need to release part 1 now, separately?

The entire flow is going to be ruined now... there will be people who have not seen part 1, people who won't remember things from part 1... the whole thing is just getting ruined by a silly choice in my opinion.

Other than that though, it was a nicely made movie.


Looks like itll kick off well, cant wait till then.
[by the by, the guy with hair powers, and the guy who drew mona lisa: they sound near exactly the same]
plus: nice choice of music :D
[Destroy the invaders by The Prodigy, AM I F***ING RIGHT?!]

glasscake responds:

Well... I voice James (Guy with drawing powers) and my friend Matt voices the guy with hair powers.
I didn't realize we sounded alike. xD

Eh ...

I say SCHWEET if it was longer and not so monotone ... oh i don't know what i'm doing ... *boom*, but some fucking FUCK! and OH GOD MY SPLEEN (excitement and suprise is what i'm getting at here) and give us more than a trailer when you say pt1. Good, needs improvement.