Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"

Flawless umm well it had 1 flaw but flawless

It Was Awsome But It Was Way Too Short BTW Do You Take Animation In College Because If You Don't You Should You Have Real Talent All 10 And 5

glasscake responds:

I'm 15, not even old enough to go to college.
So thanks for that! :D

Awesome BUT

Thought it was very kooky, I liked the charm of it but for god's sake BALANCE YOUR SOUND LEVELS! James (or the first chap) had a really load voice compared to Baraka and I had to keep turning my sound up and down and it was MEGA annoying! Might just be me being fussy but if you could fix that for the next one that would be excellent! Cheers!


really short, even for a part 1 kinda thing.

a tad unorigional

but i guess it was okay

.......cant stand british people though, but i cant let that affect how i review this


invaders must die