Reviews for "Super Peoples Pt.1"

im done

I remember why i dont go to NG anymore... Im so disspointed. seriously i am. I fucking loved newgrounds when i was younger but NOW. This shit is wats hot? Nah man


I must know what it is right at the end of the flash!!


awesome flash cant wait for the second part! XD


Nice animation and art, good storyline and everything.
Oh and what's the last song's title!?


I know I might come off as a bit of a picky cunt for writing this but here it goes.
I liked the animation and how smooth it turned out to be, but that doesn't mean it's the most amazing thing ever. I guess it could have been longer and maybe the art style could be less rounded(but now i'm nick picking like a twat). I might like the choice in music you have but I personally don't think it fit very well, I mean besides the music you used in the beginning(that elevator sounding music who's name escapes me right now). I just felt a bit sick when I heard "Invaders must die" go along with a trailer that seemed like it took itself way too seriously when this flash just seems like the light humor cartoon who's jokes don't deliver very well. I don't want to say I hated it but...well I guess I found it "extremely unfavorable". I know you worked very hard to put this together and you got today's top pick but it just doesn't feel like that cartoon that deserved it when there are other flashes that have worse animation and designs but better comedic delivery and support. I don't come here often anymore but if I happen to see the next part, I hope it doesn't take itself that seriously and has atleast a few improvements.