Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

I hate tower defense games!

I absolutely hate them. And yet, I can't stop playing this. It's awesome. You've accomplished quite a feat: making a unique, fun to play TD game with an interesting story and a totally immersive environment . Bravo!


Very good, haven't finished it, i'll play it a gain.

Great game

Really great game play, scalable graphics, good story. Worth a quick play if nothing more.

great game!

you really have to think about what you do. Even using one certain tower and strategy doesn't work. you have to actually place towers after thinking about what would be best for that spot. One complaint I do have is that some combinations work well for all situations, such as giving the beam tower fork and giving the sentry two optimizers and the splash upgrade... Also, why isn't splash compatible with the ping tower? I do have an idea on how it could work (every enemy hit takes has a splash damage shockwave spread out) Either way, great game, and I'm looking forward for a possible sequel! :D

I really liked it,...

I really liked it. It's definitively a unique "tower defense" game, but at the same time very different. In particular I like how you use fewer towers than you'd typically use in a traditional tower defense game. I would say that this is more of a "smart tower defense game" because it requires you to think more.

What I really didn't like was the random colors. Clearly if you waited long enough you could get any color combination. The only "limitation" is you can't have all the same color. What I would prefer is to ditch the random colors all together and just let the player use any upgrade they want, as long as they don't fill each upgrade circle with all the same color (Example: 2/2 blues, 3/3 blues). To me the game was hard enough without random upgrade slots... It's more annoying than anything else.

I also think the "Command Shell" is quite usless until level 12. Would be better if it had 3 upgrade slots instead of two (All the upgrades you want for it are red). The "Compressor" is useful for early parts of the game, but later on it's just too weak.

I found a good combination on quite a few levels was the "Sentry Tower" + "Linker" + "Optimizer" + "Range". Two of these in close proximity covering the entire map is deadly (Not on level 12, or any with a lot of enemies that reproduce). Sometimes I like to substitute "Range" for "Fork".