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Reviews for "Bed and Breakfast"

i love bed and breakfast


woulda been a 10 but
the arrow key map scrolling is messed up should me done by the mouse. also when im say messed up im mean both terms, both its bugged and its bad idea.

Good game

Good game, but you should make it longer. and maybe add some more upgrades. it gets boring very fast.

What a nice hotel

I actually used to work in a hotel, but got fired, so I am a little bit familiar with how it works. It's still weird to play a game where I make lots of money because I currently have no job. I admire the authenticness of everything in this. It was definitley hard to keep up with all the room cleaning, the food making, and talking to the guests. I can understand why it would be ridiculous for even a two-room hotel to have only one employee. The animation was very nice and I could sense a similar style.

Something up wit the controls.

Love the game! Controls can be irksome. At times, I try to move the screen using the arrow keys, and the screen moves, just in a random direction.