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Reviews for "Bed and Breakfast"

basically flawed idea.

Okay so it's a bed and breakfast. Why then is the first upgrade I want a chef, that takes away the breakfast portion. It's now maintenance free.

For that matter, why can't I hire a front desk clerk to take the money and check people in, a bellboay to take the bags, housekeeping to clean the rooms, lifeguards to watch the pool, and a coach to watch the courts?

I think once you have more than two pres suites you'd be allowed to sign off at least some of your duties to an employee since you can't manage all the parts at once...

And as other people said, the arrow controls to look around are useless.

It's also stupid that there can be noone at the front desk, you go check on the pool and by the time you get back someone has shown up at the front AND is now upset.

What kind of hotel has the manager carying bags? Bell boy and housekeeping AT LEAST! Come on.

Come on!!!

Dude I can't play this because it won't let me play!


woulda been a 10 but
the arrow key map scrolling is messed up should me done by the mouse. also when im say messed up im mean both terms, both its bugged and its bad idea.


this game was too easy, and there wasn't enough upgrade to keep it interesting for long. I liked the graphics and everything else though.