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Reviews for "Ether: Space Defense"


a very different turret defense the enemies come at you in a circle you can place turrets anywhere at no cost for a regular one but the limit kind of bothers me and the game kinda of seems redundant when all you do is just shoot balls out of the sky with no objective at all just shoot


Fun, but I wished I could zoom out and see more of the stage. The "thing" I was protecting was too large on screen for it's purpose (this feels right for a full-screen game), and then when we were defeated, we left with such a whimper. My 5 year old said, " why didn't it 'splode?" Would've been nice to see those arms get broken off, and maybe have incremental destruction with a massive fireworks display for the ultimate end. Otherwise, beautiful visual execution.

Ether: Space Defense

It was ok but kinda slow for me. Upgrades should be faster.

great game

..it was a great game and all, especially with that TD twist in it, but i liked the earlier versions of ether..this was just kind'a boring...but nice game though...

Great game and great music

A work of art. The sounds made by exploding enemies actually fits the music. It's beautiful to watch too.
I played this more for the artistic side than anything

BIG thumbs up for the music track