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Reviews for "Ether: Space Defense"

umm it just stoped working.

Im at the tutorial part when i get the instructions on how to check the turrets range and how to sell a turret. it does not tell me to do anything just gives me info. and the game is not progressing any further (it did not freeze, the animation is still going on and the music is fine) i tried selling a turret ,thought maybe the tutorial was expecting me to do that.. but nothing.


It's not too bad, I do like how you use the achievement system. However, I would recommend using a save system of some type so that a) you can keep the upgrades you earn and b) so that you don't have to play through the freakin' tutorial every time.

Not bad

The music and visuals were good. I loved the track that was playing, and the level looked cool.
After the tutorial, the game gets boring, very fast. You place a new unit every now and then, upgrade em when you can, and then wait for the units to take the enemies out. Throughout the game all you do most of the time, is circle the cameraview around the base, watching the enemies get destroyed. The game severly lacks interactivity during the waves.
It's not a bad game though, and you aren't bad at making games. So get back to the designboard, and add more features and interactivity next time!


I definitely agree about the zooming function, or else make the game expandable...

it was ok

but very boring it should be no limit on those suicide towers