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Reviews for "Ether: Space Defense"


I can certainly see that you improved your graphics, but the gameplay is not what i expected from an ether game. i prefered the action-packed space shooter but if that's it, farewell ether-series.


i love game from particlasm for their.... awesome physics and particles !

Well Done...

It took me a bit to get used to, but the overall gameplay is good. Love the graphics and the thought put in to the weapons.

1. A zoom out feature would help a ton.
2. Make the the waves continuous
3. Make the weaponry combinable to create super weapons

I am not certain why some have given this game low ratings as it does not deserve it.

A little tweaking and this game could be a top rank for a long time to come.

Kajenx responds:

Once you buy all the upgrades, 2 and 3 are taken care of. :) Try hardcore mode, I bet you'll have a lot of fun with it!


it was okay, but could have been way better. It has very good potential all that i really felt was missing is the option to choose what to be able to build from a wide selection and how it needs more upgrades, other than that it has a good style to it. Hope to see a sequel!


The two stars were for the structure of the Tutorial which wasnt great either i was expecting much by the looks of the tutorial when i found out there was only custom although with potential to be fun just didnt snag me with something i could play and enjoy you need options, you need more upgrades and a campaign system or MULTI player This game has(had) w/e potential to be really enjoyable