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Reviews for "Ether: Space Defense"


could've been better

mot so great

not very much choice and stuff


It seems boring in the start, but you develop better strategies to defend the base and the game get funnier!

Anyway, the hardcore mode is really hardcore! But with some luck i can beat it soon. Hehehe...

Well, the title music ins't so good but the in-game music is really good, enough to stuck into someone head!

By the way, you can add more extras features by variated costs, it would made gamers play and replay all over again even more!
Well, that's all!

disappointing, but potential on a cool idea

I like it. mostly. Like others, a zoom out would great. otherwise, it feels claustrophobic for an outer space gamer. The idea of earning credits towards a custom game defeats the purpose of playing a game at all for me. If i can't get through the game as is on a level by level basis where i learn to negotiate the increasing difficulty as it is introduced, i can only imagine how easy the game will be after i've finally purchased everything (but only after playing the first four levels about ten times, and the the first 6 levels about ten more times, and maybe i'll then have to play the first 8 levels about ten times). Basically, i'm very skeptical about the earning system and having to accept that the game is based on failure. Such a set up is just that: it creates the whole "pumping quarters" phenomena that arcade game developers were doing through the 80's and 90's -- i think it is a cheap tactic.


i really like the idea of creeps circling the base like asteroids circle a planet, but some varieties regarding towers, upgrades etc would be great.