Reviews for "NG Amish Paradise"

Thanks for the publicity.

I don't mind you posting said movie unless you co-author this with me.

The Amish are nice

Well, this was something I could not dislike because it had that awesome Weird Al song. The weirdest thing about that song is that I had never even heard of the original song it was making fun of. The main flaw with this was that the animation and backgrounds were not good. You should probably work with some shadings. Is that by chance Wade Fulp's real life wife? I know Tom Fulp's wife is April, making me think it would have worked better if you used him instead of Wade.

The lips are actually synched up pretty well. Some of the animation did kind of flow well, especially well with the hands. I think this might be the first time I saw Bedn in an actual submission. I hope you try to touch up on transition effects and backgrounds because that was what kept me from liking it a lot. At least you have good taste in music!

I prefer the original video

I like the fact you chose this song but the video I just dislike. The animation seemed half assed so to speak. As the title of this says I prefer the original over this any day.


Not really funny and not very good graphics the only good thing about it is the music
Music 10/10
Graphics 3/10
Plot 2/10
Ending 4/10
Voice Acting N/A
Sound effects N/A
Overall 4.5/10


hope no one thinks he made the song. Its Weird Al's Amish Paradise song.
Didn't like the animation too much, but it was good enough